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Wind Turbines

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Wind Turbines

A specific noise report in full compliance with ETSU guidance must be submitted with the application, but only after full pre-application consultation with the Environmental Health Team. Detailed guidance on this is included in "Environmental Health Minimum Information Requirements for Wind Turbine Planning Applications April 2021." This document can be obtained from Environmental Health

In addition to noise the following matters shall be included as a minimum:

  • A Shadow Flicker Assessment where the nearest sensitive receptor is within a 10 rotor diameter distance of the proposed wind turbine(s).  Applicants must provide an analysis which quantifies the impact of shadow flicker and how it will be mitigated by design
  • Evidence of community involvement: For any applications for 2 or more wind turbines or where the hub height of any turbine exceeds 15 metres. As a minimum this involvement must include:
    • at least one public consultation event,
    • notification of all residential properties within 500m radius of the proposed turbines, 
    • notification of all parish councils and adjacent local authorities whose jurisdiction falls within the application site or within 500m radius of it.
  • Ecological surveys and appropriate mitigation

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