Meetings of the Development Management and Licensing Committee consist of ten Borough Councillors. They are held approximately every four weeks on a Tuesday.

Development Management and Licensing Committee Meetings are live streamed on the internet. You can watch the proceedings live on our Engagement Portal.

Watch Live Minutes and Agendas Watch Previous Meetings

A full list of scheduled meetings can be found here where the Reports and Minutes of previous meetings can also be found.

What does the Committee do?

The full list of functions and procedure rules for Development Management and Licensing Committee can be found in part 3b of the Constitution Delegation Scheme (see Our Constitution). One function of the committee is to decide planning applications.

The Committee also reviews Licensing policies and determines whether to grant or refuse Licences for Alcohol, Premises, Hackney Carriage Drivers and Street Trading.

Can I speak at the meeting?

The Development Management and Licensing Committee has provision for a public participation scheme. This enables an objector and a supporter to speak on each planning application which is presented to the Committee for a decision.

Members of the Public wishing to speak at a meeting, should give notice of their intention to the Democratic Services team of the Council by Noon on the Thursday prior to the Development Management and Licensing Committee meeting held on the following Tuesday.

To register, please email

Who are the Councillors on Development Management and Licensing Committee?

Cllr Ric Cheadle

Cllr Peter Crozier

Cllr Steve Hipsey

Cllr Caroline Mott

Cllr Diana Moyse

Cllr Terry Pearce, Vice Chair

Cllr Barry Ratcliffe

Cllr Mark Renders

Cllr Paul Vachon

Cllr Julie Yelland, Chair