If you need to carry out works to a protected tree, you can apply online here.
Find more information about Ash Dieback, including where you can get further advice and your responsibilities for any trees on your land.
Find out about tree ownership and who maintains them.
Hedgerows are protected by law. If you wish to remove one in the countryside you must apply to the Council.
What the council can do about hedge and tree disputes.
A Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) has been prepared for South Hams and West Devon in 2018 and replaces the earlier assessments produced in 2007 and 2008.
The Council has a duty to protect trees that have significant public amenity value. There are five types of tree protection.
Protecting trees, copses and woodlands by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) served and enforced by the Council.
If you wish to ask the Council to consider serving a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) please use this form.
There is a clear and well-established process for protecting trees in relation to new development.