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Council Tax Energy Rebate

If you need to check your Council Tax Band, it will either be on your bill, or you can check online here.

Our Discretionary Scheme is now live for applications for those residents in Council Tax bands E to H. Please see below for more information.

Council Tax Energy Rebate

✔ If you have not yet cashed your £150 Energy Rebate Post Office Voucher, please do not try to do so. These have now be cancelled as the four weeks have passed.

✔ Eligible cases who have either not been paid the Rebate in to their bank account or cashed the Post Office Voucher will have the £150 credited to their Council Tax account during September.

✔ We will send you a letter to confirm once that has been done and the credit is on your Council Tax account. The letter will also advise you what will happen next.

Discretionary Scheme

If your property is not in bands A-D, but you are on a low income and/or in receipt of Council Tax reduction, you can now apply to the discretionary scheme.

You can also apply if you are responsible for paying energy bills but are not the person who is liable for Council Tax.

This is a one-off payment of £150.00.

Discretionary Rebate

Set up a Direct Debit

✔ Setting up a direct debit is the quickest and easiest way to pay your council tax.

✔ It also means that refunds can be processed much quicker if you are entitled to one.

✔ You can use the button below to set up a direct debit at any time.

Set up a Direct Debit

Refuse the Rebate

✔ If you don't want to receive the rebate, you can refuse it

✔ The money will be returned to central Government

✔ Find out more using the button below

Refuse the Rebate

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ Have a question that isn't answered here?

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