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New Telegraph Poles

Airband are currently delivering a Government funded full fibre network across the area which is a contract managed by Connecting Devon and Somerset

You can read more about the contract at Connecting Devon and Somerset.

Why are new telegraph poles needed?

Airband are able to use existing telegraph poles and ducts for their cables, which they will do where possible to minimise costs, but there will be instances where new poles are required.  Sometimes poles cannot be used, for example:

  • if the poles have no more capacity to attach further cables,
  • if they are structurally unsound to take the weight of an engineer or
  • are not in the right location.

New telegraph poles (and new cabinets) for fixed line broadband are permitted development. This means that they do not require planning permission, provided that Airband give the Local Planning Authority 28 days notice before they are erected.   Airband only need to send the Local Planning Authority (the Council or Dartmoor National Park) a location map and description of what is proposed.

The Council is not required to undertake any public consultation in relation to the notifications it receives. Consent is also needed from the landowner where the pole is proposed before it can be installed.

How do I comment on the location of new telegraph poles?

Airband will be putting up site notices or writing to residents in advance of new poles being erected, and these letters/notices may be viewed before the notification application is submitted to the Local Planning Authority.  If you wish to submit comments before a notification is received the comments should be sent to

When a notification application has been received by the Local Planning Authority you can submit comments/objections which will be uploaded to the application page of our website for consideration by the planning officer.  You can read more information about how comments are handled here.

Below are examples of issues that planning officers can consider regarding the location of a new pole or cabinet:

  • Must not obstruct means of entering/exiting land
  • Should not narrow footway below 1.5m wide
  • Should be sited at back of a footway, unless this would provide a significant security risk in terms of enabling access
  • Should not impact visibility at junctions
  • Should not be sited adjacent to listed buildings or ancient monuments
  • Should be sited to minimise prominence in the landscape

Examples of issues which planning officers cannot take into account are:

  • Impact on a view
  • Whether the poles/cabinets are needed
  • Individual views on their personal broadband connections
  • Land ownership issues

What if a telegraph pole is proposed on land that I own?

If the poles are proposed on Highway owned land (pavements, road verges etc.), Airband has a process to agree these with Devon County Council. 

If the poles/cabinets are proposed on privately owned land, Airband will need consent from the landowner with a wayleave agreement.

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