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Gambling Premises

Where an individual or company proposes to offer gambling for which an operating licence is required, and which is premises based, they will also need to apply for a gambling premises licence from the licensing authority.

Premises which can be licensed for gambling include

  • Casino premises
  • Bingo premises
  • Betting premises (including tracks and premises used by betting intermediaries)
  • Adult gaming centre premises
  • Family entertainment centre premises.

Who can apply for a licence?

Only existing operating licence holders may apply for a gambling premises licence. Operating licences are issued by the Gambling Commission.

The primary gambling activity of the premises should be that described, with any other permitted activity, such as provision of gaming machines, as ancillary.

How do I apply for a Gambling Premises Licence?

  • To apply complete the application form and return to us with a plan (scale drawing of your premises) and relevant fee
  • Send notice of your application to all responsible authorities within seven days of applying
  • Publish a prescribed notice of application in a local newspaper within 10 working days of applying
  • Publish the same prescribed notice of application on the premises, where it can be read clearly by members of the public, for 28 consecutive days, starting when the application is made

Representations can be made in respect of gambling premises licence applications to the licensing authority by 'responsible authorities' and 'interested parties'. If representations are received and not withdrawn, it will be necessary to hold a licensing hearing to determine the application.

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