Check here for application and annual fees.

If you are applying for a Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate please use the link under Related Pages on the right of this page.

For licences issued under the Gambling Act please use the link under Related Pages on the right of this page.

Type of Licence



Acupuncture, Tattooing, Ear Piercing and Electrolysis

Registration of person


Registration of Premises


Changes to premises registration particulars


Animal Licence

Single licensable activity


Each additional licensable activity


Rescore visit


Vets fees and expenses

Actual cost

Boatman's and Pleasure Boat Licences
*Applies on production of current relevant DTp certification

Initial (Boatman)


Renewal (Boatman)


Assistant (Boatman)


SW Category 1 Hire Boats


SW Category 5 DTp Passenger Certificate Boats


Charitable Collections (Street and House-to-House)

No Fee

Cooling Tower and Evaporative Condenser Notification

No Fee

Dangerous Wild Animal Licence

Licence Fee (initial and renewal)


Plus vet's fees and expenses

Actual Cost

Eco Certificate


Film Classification Licence

Per film


Per festival


Food Export Certificate





Amendment to existing certificate (in addition to renewal fee)


Food Premises Register

Copy of Entries

Actual Cost

Full Copy


Part Copy


Food Premises Registration

No Fee

Food Safety

Issue of Unfit Food Certificate


Hackney Carriage and Private Hire

Hackney Carriage Vehicle: fully wheelchair accessible


Hackney Carriage Vehicle: non wheelchair accessible


Private Hire Vehicle: fully wheelchair accessible


Private Hire Vehicle: non wheelchair accessible


Driving Licence (1 Year)


Driving Licence initial application fee


Knowledge Test




Driving Licence (3 Years)


Replacement Plate


Transfer of ownership of vehicle


Operator Licence (Private Hire Only) 1 Year


Operator Licence (Private Hire Only) 5 Years


Replacement Driver's Badge


Holiday Caravan and Camping Site Licences

No Fee

Homes in Multiple Occupation

New Applications (new properties/change of ownership)


Renewals (every 5 years)


Housing Act Enforcement Notice Fee

£41.00 per hour

Housing Suitability (Immigration Inspection Certificates)


Hypnotism Authorisation


Motor Salvage Operator

Superseded by the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 - see Scrap Metal Dealers

Personal Licence


Pet Animal Auctions

Licensing Fee


Private Water Supply (PWS) Sampling Fee Increase


PWS Risk Assessment

£212.00 per Risk Assessment

Residential Mobile Home/Caravan Site (including mixed residential and holiday sites)

Annual Fee (£13 per pitch with a minimum of 5 pitches)


Transfer of Licence


Standard Amendement


Site Expansion Amendment (Standard Amendment fee plus £10 per pitch)

£200.00 (+£10 per pitch)

Intial Licence (5 pitch site plus £10 per pitch thereafter)


Replacement Licence (due to loss)


Deposit of Site Rules


Service of Enforcement Notices

£40.00 (per hour)

Scrap Metal Dealer Licence (3 Years)

Grant of a Site Licence


Renewal of a Site Licence


Transfer from a Site to a Collector Licence


Grant of a Collector Licence


Renewal of a Collector Licence


Transfer from a Collector to a Site Licence


Change of Licence Holder's details


Change of Licensed site


Change of Site Manager


Sex Establishments

New Application


Annual Renewal Fee


Transfer or Variation


Plus Premises Licence/Club Premises certificate

Statutory Cost

Small Society Lottery

Initial Registration (lotteries)




Temporary Event Notice


Zoo Licence

Grant of licence (valid for 4 years)


Renewal of licence (valid for 6 years)


Transfer of licence


Partially Exempt Premises

70% of above fees


Actual Cost