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Can I get Faster Broadband?

You may be eligible for £1,500 grant funding (£3,500 for a business) to secure gigabit capable broadband.

That's download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps!

Use the button below to check if you are eligible for this scheme.

Check if you're Eligible for the Gigabit Scheme

If you are eligible please enter your contact details here so we can gauge interest in your area.

If you are not eligible for a voucher it means a broadband supplier is planning to bring fibre to your area. To find out which supplier it is please click on a link below to enter your postcode in each of the checkers below:

There are a number of other suppliers providing broadband connections in the area.  If none of the suppliers above cover your address, please enter your contact details above and we will look if there is another supplier for your area.

Broadband Universal Service Scheme

The Broadband Universal Service Scheme is a government-funded scheme which aims to provide decent and affordable broadband to homes.

You may be eligible for this scheme if:

  • If you do not have decent and affordable broadband. Decent is defined as a download speed of less than 10Mbps and upload of at least 1Mbps. Affordable is defined as costing no more than £46.40 a month.
  • If you are not due to get access through a publically funded scheme within the next 12 months.  You can establish this by checking if you are eligible for a gigabit voucher
  • You can't get a decent connection through a 4G Hub.

The Universal Service will fund £3,400 per premise that is eligible, but if more eligible premises in your area register their interest the funding may cover the full cost of the infrastructure build.

Please visit the Broadband Universal Service information page for more information on the USO scheme and to establish if you are eligible. 

Check if you're Eligible for Broadband Universal Service

If you are eligible you should enter your contact details here.

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