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Plan for West Devon - Consultation Starts

West Devon Borough Council has begun developing a 20-year vision for the Borough and now they would like to know what you think.

The consultation begins today, 27 July, and runs for 6 weeks.

There are different ways that people can respond to the consultation.  There is a formal survey that will be open to all.  There will also be a series of polls across social media over the course of the consultation period.

The Borough Council has already been running some visitor, business and resident surveys, which has involved some on the street polling in towns and villages. These surveys will remain open over the course of the consultation.

In addition to this, there is an open photo competition inviting people to send in photos of the West Devon they know. 

Cllr Neil Jory, Leader of West Devon Borough said: " This plan is very much a top level vision for how we in West Devon would like to help shape and improve the Borough over the next 20 years.  The document is aspirational and inspirational, setting out the West Devon that we want to live in. 

"Some of these aspirations are not in our gift to deliver, but we recognise that we will need to work in collaboration with partners and to lobby others.

"There will be detailed delivery plans that will follow, but before we produce these, we would like to know from you, our residents, businesses, partners and staff.  We want to take you with us on the journey as we develop this plan." 

How to have your say

We want to know how you see West Devon as a place to live, work and play. Help us to paint a picture of the West Devon you know.

The strategic plan will drive West Devon firmly forward in response to global and local issues. It will ensure that Council resources are used efficiently and effectively to deliver the priorities identified by Members and through the wider public consultation.

It has been developed so far using feedback from all Council Members. This means that from the outset the focus has been on the individual needs of communities across the West Devon, from our market towns to our moorland hamlets.

Looking to take every opportunity to support businesses and local people, the plan outlines eight core focus areas that will underpin the Council's work over the next 20 years. These are:

  • Strengthening our communities - An area that our communities can be proud of
  • Enhancing community wellbeing - Every resident is able to live a healthy and active life
  • Improving homes - Every resident has access to a quality and safe home
  • Stimulating a thriving economy - A Borough that attracts high quality employment opportunities and space for business to grow
  • Growing our natural environment - An environment where people and nature thrive together
  • Adapting our built environment - Planning for the future, celebrating the past
  • Maximising Council resources - Making the best use of our resources
  • Delivering inclusive and accessible services - A listening, accessible and caring council 

As well as articulating the Council's vision and ambitions for the longer-term, the draft plan contains specific activities, which will be delivered in the short-term (next three years).

Further work will be undertaken to develop detailed delivery plans during the summer, with those detailed plans being considered alongside the final 'Plan for West Devon' in September.


Issued: 27/07/2021

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