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Waste Audit Statement

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Waste Audit Statement

All major development

Applications requiring a significant amount of ground engineering or demolition

An assessment of the types and quantities of waste likely to be generated, both during the construction stage and following occupation of the development is required. This is to meet the requirements of Policy W4 of the Devon Waste Plan. The assessment should include:

1. A strategy for sustainable management of the waste materials. These materials may include waste from the demolition, excavation and construction processes. It should prioritise reduction, reuse or recycling of the material before landfill disposal is considered.

2. How waste will be handled and moved during the operational phase of the development, i.e. when the development is occupied. For example, showing bin stores or composting arrangements, bin collection points and bin lorry turning heads.

The Statement may tie in to any landscape scheme or contamination statement being submitted as part of the application.

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