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Lighting Impact Assessment Scheme

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Lighting Impact Assessment Scheme

Any development which :

  • Includes illuminated signage
  • Is located near an existing significant light source
  • Includes a lighting scheme such as flood lighting, area lighting or security lighting for example in car parks, sports centres, schools and warehousing
  • Where internal lighting could impact upon a sensitive area, such as an AONB
  • All detailed major planning applications

1. The Lighting Impact Assessment should be undertaken by a suitably qualified and competent person/organisation and should include:

2. The type of light fixing (e.g. wall mounted or free-standing columns, lantern wattage and manufacturer)

3. The level of illumination and spread including light spill and sky glow ratios. Predicted luminance on neighbouring land must be clearly shown in relation to surrounding premises, especially where it affects residential living conditions

4. A site layout indicating the location of lighting units and a lux contour map

5. Measures to reduce lateral or upwards pollution

6. A statement of the proposed hours of usage.

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