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Affordable Housing Statement

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Affordable Housing Statement

Major residential development

Rural exceptions sites

5 or more dwellings in a designated  rural area

Note: Includes change of use

An Affordable Housing Statement should set out how the scheme will comply with the Affordable Housing policy in the adopted JLP 2014 - 2034 and SPD

Any departure from policy should be explained in the statement and cross-referenced to a viability report (which will be published online with the planning file).

The Affordable Housing Statement may be included as a section in the Planning Statement but should in any event address the following:

Outline and Full Applications

1. A statement of compliance setting out the proposed Affordable Housing Provision

2. If the application is part of a phased scheme the statement should clarify how the affordable housing contribution of each phase contributes to the overall delivery of affordable housing

Financial contributions for off-site provision (in exceptional circumstances where on-site provision is proven unsuitable) will depend on the location. Transfer prices from Affordable Housing Providers (AHPs) will be used to calculate the sum.

Heads of Terms in relation to affordable housing should be submitted with any planning application.

Full and Reserved Matters Applications

The Affordable Housing Statement should include/reference:

1. Accommodation Schedule listing the plot/unit number, the size specification (occupancy and GIA)

2. Layout plan showing all affordable housing plots and details such as allocated parking spaces, sheds, bin storage and collection points, outside spaces/communal areas

3. Floor plansideally annotating compliance to Nationally Described Space Standards (NDSS)

4. For flatted developments, floor plans should highlight any common facilities and services (such as shared laundry areas)

Housing Need

Data from housing needs surveys and the Devon Home Choice (DHC) register may be used.  However the enabling team reserve the right to request a full housing needs survey, the cost of which will need to be commissioned by the applicant.

The affordable housing targets set out in the JLP are based on viability testing; the true scope of affordable housing need is much greater. The LPA Housing Enabling service can provide up to date information on the DHC identified need of property size and tenure requirements.

Fixtures and Fittings

Some AHPs have standard packages of white goods which have implications for layouts of kitchens/utilities. Early engagement with AHPs and selection of delivery partner will enable identification of any potential issues

Affordable Dwelling Size

1. All homes must meet NDSS with regard to gross internal floor areas and storage

2. Homes England has an expectation is that affordable homes should meet NDSS and many AHPs have their own space standards which are increasingly geared toward NDSS

3. Where standard house types are being used, tenants and landlords generally prefer additional floorspace/storage space to en-suite facilities

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