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Application Form and Ownership Certificates

Information required and when requiredGuidance

All applications

Ownership Certificates not required for Advertisement  Consents or Lawful Development Certificates

All sections need be completed using the relevant national form

Please ensure you select the form relevant to your proposal

All sections of the application form must be answered; please mark as N/A if not applicable

The declaration must be signed and dated

Applications can be submitted electronically via email or the Planning Portal

Application forms can also be downloaded and submitted via  hard copy

Certificate A, B, C or D must be completed stating the ownership of the property:

  • Certificate A if you are sole owner of the land (freehold or leasehold of more than 7 years) and do not have agricultural tenants, or
  • Certificate B, C or D if you do not own all the land or if you have agricultural tenants on the land. This includes situations where the development overhangs the boundary with the adjoining property/land.
  • Certificate B - Complete this if you know who all owners/agricultural tenants are. State the names and addresses of these people on the application form. You also need to serve 21 days' notice on them, before you submit the application and send a copy of the notice with your application. This applies to leasehold flats.
  • Certificate C - Where some owners/agricultural tenants are known. Notice must be served on those who are known and a notice in a local newspaper for those not known
  • Certificate D - where no owners are known.  You must advertise the application in a local newspaper at least 21 days before submission.

It is an offence, knowingly or recklessly, to complete a false or misleading certificate.

For works to flats, this will normally be a full planning application and Certificate B will need to be served.

Where to find additional Information

Planning Portal

Application forms are available from the Planning Portal - you can download a PDF copy if you wish.

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