Computers and cash donated to two local secondary schools to improve access to essential IT

Got IT

The £4,000 donation to the schools to buy computers has been funded through the Council's SeaMoor Lotto fund. This lottery is run to support a whole range of local good causes, with 60% of each £1 lottery ticket that is purchased being ploughed back into the community to do good. Where no specific local community group has been selected by a lotto player, this money goes into a central fund. The Council agreed that using this fund to give schools money to help those children in the community who are struggling would make a huge difference.

The Council has also identified a number of laptops that are no longer in use and will be sharing these with the schools to distribute. These are currently being refurbished by the Council's IT Team and will be sent out as quickly as possible to those children who need them most.

Cllr Chris Edmonds, West Devon Borough Council Lead Member for IT and Chair of the Future IT Member Working Group said: "We contacted our local schools to offer them our unused equipment. Whilst talking to them, it was very clear that there was a high level of need right now to help our young people who are struggling to get the IT tools they need to effectively learn at home. We wanted to do more, so we've given the schools funding to go out and purchase more computers right away.

"We've heard that waiting lists for equipment are growing every day. We know many children are trying to stay up to date with their school work but only have a phone to access lessons or have to share equipment with others. This is causing a huge amount of stress and anxiety amongst our local children so we are pleased to have been able to take this action to do something to help. Thanks to everyone out there who helps local causes by supporting SeaMoor Lotto. It's thanks to you that we've been in a position to offer this help."

Dan Morrow, CEO for Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust, said: "We're immensely grateful for the generosity and support being shown by our local communities during these really challenging times. The past few months have been a team effort, and I've been so encouraged to see our staff, parents, students and wider community all rally together. 

"On behalf of the Trust, I'd like to thank West Devon Borough Council, as well as the members of the public whose contributions to the community lottery have enabled this scheme to get started. This fantastic community spirit has enabled the Trust to support every child to access their education, something which cannot be undervalued."
Anyone wanting to support local good causes, and be in with a chance of winning weekly prizes up to £25,000, can buy SeaMoor Lotto tickets safely and conveniently at: