25 January 2021

A stick image of fly tipped household waste in the countryside

Plymouth Magistrates Court has fined an unlicensed waste collector responsible for a fly-tip found near Dartmoor early last year. 

In a case brought by Plymouth City Council, Daniel Goldstone of Barne Road, Plymouth, was found guilty of depositing controlled waste, or knowingly causing or permitting controlled waste to be deposited. 

The fly-tipping element of the case was investigated by West Devon Borough Council officers who found a fridge-freezer, fish tank, black bags of refuse and a cardboard box dumped in a lay-by on the B3362 between the junction for Tuell Down and Lamerton near Dartmoor.

Using an address found on the box, officers were able to trace the waste back to Goldstone who had been paid to dispose of waste from a residential address.

The information gathered by West Devon Council officers was used by Plymouth City Council to support their prosecution for four offences of not keeping records of waste and of collecting scrap metal without a licence.  In total Goldstone was ordered to pay £3,600 in fines and costs. 

West Devon Borough Council's Lead Member for Environment, Cllr Caroline Mott, commended the work done by the Borough's Locality and Environmental Protection Officers for their part in bringing about a successful prosecution for fly-tipping. Cllr Mott said: "Our officers continue to work tirelessly to follow up all evidence trails that might identify such offenders. I am delighted that we were able to assist in a successful prosecution." 

Cllr Steve Hipsey, West Devon Borough Council's Ward Member for Tavistock North, added: "The Council has a zero tolerance policy in cases like this that have such a very detrimental effect on our community and beautiful landscape. I urge residents to check carefully how they dispose of their waste by using a reputable registered waste collector."

If you find a fly tip, please report it to the Borough Council here

Please do not remove evidence from a fly tip as this could affect the outcome of a future prosecution. The Borough Council's Environmental Protection Team investigate all reports of fly tipping to try to identify those who are responsible.

If residents have large waste items to dispose of that they are unable to take to the recycling centre, the Council may be able to collect them for a small charge. Find out more here.

Residents can also check if a waste collector is registered and licensed on the Environment Agency's website.