5 November 2020

Christmas presents wrapped in brown paper and tied with red and white stripy string

Christmas is around the corner and the shops are starting to fill up with Christmas goodies, so this year plan ahead and let's waste less this festive season.

Last year West Devon Borough Council declared a Climate Change and Biodiversity Emergency. This Christmas, the Council are keen to help support residents in the best environmentally friendly way to choose their gifts and wrapping paper. 

Cllr Neil Jory, West Devon Borough Council's Leader, said: "With the announcement of the COVID-19 lockdown, we are going to see a lot of people shopping online this Christmas. This means there will be a huge increase in cardboard packaging, all of which can thankfully be recycled.  

"We know that our residents are already super recyclers. To help everyone do their bit for Climate Change, we ask residents to choose their festive food and gifts carefully to reduce any impact on the environment. This could be as simple as looking to recycle the smaller items like the mince pie aluminium trays, all the way up to large bicycle cardboard boxes. 

"We can't recycle most wrapping paper and residents can be creative and choose to wrap gifts in fabric or brown paper which can be recycled. There are some wonderful examples in local shops and online of how to do this in an attractive way with great craft and gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Nobody wants to throw wrapping paper into the waste bin, so a little extra preparation in advance will go a long way to help reduce the vast amount of waste we throw away every Christmas. 

"Visit Recycle Devon and WRAP online who have tips and advice, so let us all do our bit to save the planet for future generations of people and wildlife."

300,000 tonnes of card is used across the UK during the festive season in households alone.  When laid side by side, that would cover the return distance between London and Lapland an astounding 100 times!

The Borough Council has produced a handy guide to Christmas, so recycling information is ready at hand when you need it.


You can also find a range of information online from Recycle Devon: