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FAQs for Lottery Players

Q: Where can I buy tickets?

A: Lotto tickets can only be purchased online, using a bank account or payment card. Go to:

Q: When does the lottery launch?

A: The lottery will have a first draw on Sat 4 August 2018 and then draws will take place weekly thereafter. Good causes and charities can apply to be part of the lotto via the website - there is no deadline, but the sooner the better. Lotto tickets can be bought from Wednesday 27 June.

Q: How do winners find out that they've won?

A: Every week, all winners will be advised by e-mail. The winning number will also be published on our website, Facebook and Twitter each week following the draw.

Q: I want a refund or have questions about the lotto?

A: Go to: or email or phone 03302 234225 (Only between 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Mon - Fri excluding Bank Holidays). Do not contact the council directly as they cannot help.

Q: Can someone still play if they are not online?

A: Yes. Players can call the dedicated SeaMoor Lotto number - (03302 234225) - to register and set up payments.

Q: If my good cause gets 50p per entry, where does the other 50p go?

A: 10p is used to support other good causes within South Hams and West Devon. 20p goes to prizes and the remaining 20p is for administration of the lottery and VAT.

Q: Can supporters use Gift Aid on the ticket price?

A: Unfortunately you cannot claim Gift Aid on lottery ticket purchases.

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