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Community Project Grant Scheme Guidance Notes

West Devon Borough Council allocates a sum of money each year to be given in grants to Not for Profit organisations or groups which are undertaking projects which will be of benefit to the local and wider community within the borough of West Devon.


Grants which provide support for a wide range of community projects that meet local needs and deliver benefits to the community. They are usually led by community organisations and ranging from tree planting to building a village hall or purchasing sports equipment. The grants only cover capital expenditure.

Who can apply?

Not-for-profit organisations and groups. Projects must be wholly or partly based in West Devon and demonstrate a benefit to West Devon communities. Where partly based in West Devon support from other local authority areas to which the project applies will normally be required.

How much can I apply for?

Minimum - £100, Maximum - £5,000 (with the flexibility to approve funding of up to £10,000 for exceptional projects) Maximum percentage funding per project - 50%

When can you apply?

Applications can be made at any time throughout the year, there are no deadlines. Applications are normally dealt with within a 4-6 week period.

What must be included with the application?

  • A minimum of two quotes will normally be required to support the project's proposed expenditure
  • Copies of letters regarding matched funding for the project where available
  • Summary of project expenditure and statement of current financial position
  • The most recent audited accounts
  • Constitution, aims, objectives, rules, governing document or charitable deed depending on the type of organisation
  • Details of charitable status including registered number where appropriate
  • Evidence/proof of community need, demand, support and likely take up

For building related projects:

  • Copy of all plans, sections, and relevant elevations at a scale of 1:100
  • The block plan showing site boundaries etc 

General Conditions

  • Maximum of two applications can be made per organisation per annum, but these must be for different projects
  • Only one application may be made per project.
  • All grants are one-off support
  • Applications cannot be retrospective
  • Grants will be assessed on their contribution to and impact on the local area, how they meet local needs and their link to local priorities
  • Applicants may not always receive the full sum requested and each request for funding will be compared to other funding requests granted to ensure consistency
  • The offer agreement will set out all relevant grant conditions and the applicant will be required to sign the agreement in confirmation of their agreement to these. Whilst most conditions will be standard some conditions may vary dependent on the project or application, and where considered appropriate additional conditions may be added
  • Applications will need to demonstrate clear community need and support including
    •  how they add value to the local community
    • demonstrate clear economic benefit and
    • the project is deliverable and sustainable
  • All necessary consents will be the responsibility of the applicant and will be expected to be in place at the time of the application as far as possible 
  • This grant scheme will not support applications to improve halls owned by religious organisations.
  • Businesses, organisations or individuals may not apply if the project proposal is for the benefit of an individual business, an individual, or a political or religious organisation.

Specific conditions may be attached to grant allocations as deemed appropriate.

Payment of Grants

Payment of approved grants will be retrospective on completion of the project and production of appropriate proofs.

  • Applicants will normally have 12 months to claim the grant following allocation of the funds; however extensions can be agreed where the applicant can show that the project has either started or will shortly be commencing
  • Grant funding will have to be repaid in the event that it is either not used for the intended purpose or the applicant fails to meet one or more of the grant conditions or where the project is being delivered over a longer timescale and as agreed when offering grant support

What documents are required?

  • Proof of project completion i.e. invoices, certificates for training quoting the purchase order number if provided on the offer agreement.
  • If the project requires planning permission or building regulations proof of consent must be provided if not already provided at the application stage.
  • Copies of letters confirming matched funding for the project where not provided at the application stage.
  • Outcomes of the project with copies of publicity material and other relevant information.
  • Signed offer agreement if not already returned.
  • Evidence that West Devon Borough Council has been acknowledged as a funder on the project.

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