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Terms and Conditions for the Use of Council Land

This is an extract from the Licence that you will need to sign.

A full copy of the Licence is available here.

It may be necessary to make site specific alterations to these terms and conditions.

The Licensee agrees:

(a) to pay to the Licensor the Licence Fee on the date of this Licence together with such VAT as may be chargeable on the Licence Fee;

(b) to keep the Licensed Area clean, tidy and clear of rubbish;

(c) not to use the Licensed Area other than for the Permitted Use;

(d) not to make any alteration or addition whatsoever to the Licensed Area;

(e) to keep all Furniture within the Licensed Area;

(f) not to cook or heat any food in the Licensed Area and not to install ice cream machines, drinks machines and other equipment for the sale of food and drink for consumption on or off the premises on the Licensed Area;

(g) to remove the Furniture from the Licensed Area outside the Designated Hours;

(h) not to play or permit to be played any music in the Licensed Area nor to permit any public entertainment of any kind in the Licensed Area;

(i) to ensure that proper supervision and control is exercised over the Licensed Area at all times;

(j) not to do or permit to be done on the Licensed Area anything which is illegal or which may be or become a nuisance (whether or not actionable) annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to the Licensor or to tenants or occupiers of The Council's Land or any owner or occupier of neighbouring property;

(k) not to cause or permit to be caused any damage to:

(i) the Licensed Area, the Council's Land or any neighbouring property; or
(ii) any property of the owners or occupiers of the Council's Land or any neighbouring property;

(l) not to permit any drunkenness or rowdy, unseemly or disreputable behaviour to take place on the Licensed Area;

(m) to take all reasonable steps to ensure that:

(i) no glasses, cups, bottles, other crockery, cutlery and litter originating from the Licensee's Business or the Licensed Area remains or accumulates on the Licensed Area and to remove from any other parts of the Council's Land such glasses, cups, bottles, other crockery, cutlery and litter emanating from the Licensee's Business or Licensed Area as often as necessary; and
(ii) the tables on the Licensed Area are cleared promptly of any dirty and used cutlery and crockery and are wiped down regularly and any spillages in the Licensed Area are properly cleaned immediately;

(n) to take all reasonable steps to prevent customers from consuming drinks and food purchased from the Licensee's Business on any part of the Council's land outside the Licensed Area;

(o) not to allow any smell or noise to escape from the Licensed Area which in the opinion of the Licensor is offensive, annoying or out of keeping with the standards of the Council's Land;

(p) to observe any rules and regulations the Licensor makes and notifies to the Licensee from time to time in respect of the Licensed Area;

(q) prior to exercising the rights granted by this Licence to obtain all Necessary Consents and to comply with all Necessary Consents and all Government Guidelines in force from time to time during the Licence Period;

(r) to make good any damage caused to the Licensed Area and to the Council's Land arising as a result of the rights hereby granted;

(s) not to do anything that will or might vitiate in whole or in part any insurance effected by the Licensor in respect of the Licensed Area the Council's Land from time to time;

(t) to leave the Licensed Area in a clean and tidy condition free from the Furniture and all other items at the end of the Licence Period;

(u) to take out and maintain for the duration of this Licence a policy of insurance for public liability cover in a sum insured of not less than Five Million Pounds (£5,000,000.00) for each single incident or claim arising as a result of the use of the Licensed Area.

(v) to indemnify the Licensor and keep the Licensor indemnified against all losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs, expenses or other liability arising in any way from this licence and any breach of the Licensee's undertakings

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