If you have received a final notice do not ignore it. If you can pay in full or make an arrangement with us, it will prevent further recovery action from taking place.

Why have I received a final notice?

Your Council Tax has not been paid in accordance with the instalments detailed on your latest bill. It means you no longer have the right to pay by instalments and the full balance on your account is now due.

When must I pay by?

The amount shown as overdue on your notice must be paid in full within 14 days from the date of your letter otherwise a court summons will be issued to you, incurring court costs.

Go to the Online PaymentsOnline Payments page to make a payment or, if you cannot pay in full, contact us to discuss your arrears to see how we can help.

I have already paid

If you have already paid the full amount, please contact us immediately.

I am unable to pay

If you are unable to pay, call us to see how we can help. Whilst you have lost your right to pay by instalments, if you agree to pay by Direct Debit we may allow you to pay by instalments once more.

What if I don't pay?

Failure to do either of the above will result in the Council applying to the Magistrates' Court for the issue of a summons for non-payment and could ultimately lead to the use of enforcement agents to collect the Council Tax due.

Remember, it is possible that you are entitled to a discount or exemption on your Council Tax, please check our pages on Council Tax Reductions and Exemptions.