Many services in West Devon are provided by Devon County Council rather than the Borough Council. You can find links to some of the services that we are commonly asked about here.

To find out more about which services the councils are repsonsible for, please see our handy graphic here.

  • For schools, education and families, please use this link.
  • For roads and transport, including blue badges, on-street parking, and bus passes, please use this link.
  • To report a pothole, or another issue with a road, footpath or streetlight, please use this link
  • For care and health, including adult social care, care and support and community transport, please use this link.
  • To register a birth, marriage or death, or to obtain a copy of a certificate, please use this link.
  • To find your Councillor at Devon County Council, please use this link

If you still can't find what you're looking for, please Visit our offices or call us.