Every five years, the Councils have to hold a full review of the polling districts and polling places in their area.

Polling station image

The West Devon initial consultation is now open and will close on Friday 20 September.

So, how can you help?  As part of the review the Returning Officer, who makes sure that the election is administered effectively, will also look at polling stations and would like to know what you think about your polling station.  The categories for comment include boundaries, transport, location, size and suitability.  Are you happy with your polling station? Is it easy to travel there using public transport?  How easy is it to park your car?  Are there steep hills or obstacles which might make it difficult to access.  Is there plenty of space for voters to be comfortable when voting?

The Council would like to hear positive and negative opinions to give a clear view of residents' thoughts on the polling stations.

West Devon Borough Council's Leader, Cllr Neil Jory, said: "I encourage those who use our polling stations to let us know what they think of them.  Are they in a good location and easy to use? Feedback, whether good or bad, really helps the Council to ensure that we have the best possible venues."

West Devon - www.engagement.westdevon.gov.uk/pollingstationreview