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Appointment of Governance Boards and Panels 2022- 23

Other groups and panels within West Devon Borough Council, and the Members who serve on them.

(a) Devon Building Control Partnership

Cllr T G Pearce

Cllr B Ratcliffe

(b) Discretionary Business Rates and Rate Relief Panel

Leader of Council

Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Mayor of Council

Lead Hub Committee Member for Economy

(c) Front Line Services (Waste Procurement) Project Board

Cllr L Daniel

Cllr C Kemp

Cllr P Kimber

(d) Joint WD/SH/Plymouth Local Plan Steering Group

Cllr L Daniel

Cllr C Mott

(e) Tamar Valley AONB Partnership Committee

           Cllr P Crozier


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