Your reference number will be the 6 digit number shown on your acknowledgement email.

If for some reason you cannot find your reference number, please quote the name of the property you are applying for.

Notes about making a payment

  • Amount: Please ensure you enter the amount with 2 numbers after the decimal point. For example - £25 has to be entered as 25.00.
    If you are applying to change the name of an existing property, the fee is £21 per property.
    If you are applying to register a new address (a new build property, a barn conversion, splitting one property into flats etc), the fee is £36 per new address.
  • Name and Address: Please enter enough details for us to identify you and your payment.
  • Credit Card: We are unable to accept American Express, Diners Club or JCB credit cards.
  • Debit Card: We are unable to accept electron debit cards


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