If you are in danger of becoming homeless - for whatever reason - it is important you act swiftly.

Remain in your current accommodation

Where it is safe and suitable for you to do so we can try and help you remain in your home. We can help with mediation services if you have had a disagreement with your landlord, this could be a private landlord, social housing or you might be lodging or living with friends and family. We could try and help you negotiate with your landlord if you have fallen into arrears or experiencing other difficulties.

Move to alternate accommodation

Private Rented accommodation, while usually more expensive than social housing, can offer flexible housing options because there is a greater amount of choice. For more information on securing private rented accommodation, please see Citizens Advice or Gov.uk.

Social housing

Nearly all social housing is allocated through Devon Home Choice, which is a choice-based lettings allocation scheme operating throughout Devon. You can register online at Devon Home Choice.

The demand for social housing is much greater than the supply in this area, so even if you are a high priority it may take a long time to secure housing. Because of this we encourage all applicants to look at all housing options, including privated rented, mutual exchange and shared ownership schemes. For more information on social housing please visit Gov.uk.

For more information about Devon Home Choice, please see our page here.

For more information about Affordable Housing, please see our page here.

Property Management Service

If you are a landlord, you may be interested to know that the council offers a full property management service at a competitive fee. For more information please contact the Housing Advice Team.