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Councillor Allowances and Annual Attendance

If you would like to find out what allowances were claimed by Members of the council and their attendance, please see attached documents.

Annual Attendance Statistics

At its meeting on 17 February 2015, the Council agreed that Members meeting attendance statistics should be published on a quarterly and annual basis.

With effect from 2015/16, any Member who fails to attend 75% of those meetings to which they have been appointed may be subject to sanctions.  These sanctions include the potential for a Member to be voluntarily requested to return a proportion of their basic allowance.

What are Members entitled to?

Borough Councillors are entitled to an allowance and to have both their travel and subsistence expenses reimbursed in accordance with the Scheme of Members Allowances.

RoleBasic AllowanceSpecial Responsibility AllowanceTotal
All Councillors£4,6600£4,660
Leader of the Council£4,660£9,320£13,980
Deputy Leader of the Council£4,660£6,990£11,650
Hub Committee Members£4,660£4,194£8,854 (each)
Chair of Audit Committee£4,660£4,194£8,854
Chair of Development Management and Licensing Committee£4,660£5,592£10,252
Chair of Overview and Scrutiny Committee£4,660£4,194£8,854
Deputy Mayor£4,660£825£5,485


To view the attendance details for the committees, please use the links below. The details under Full Council can be used to check an individual Councillors attendance at all meetings. You can also view attendance in previous years.

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