Most planning permissions have conditions attached. These can be viewed on the decision notice.

Some conditions require approval by the council before any development takes place, while others can be discharged during the course of the development.

Why do I need to discharge the conditions?

(Also known as "Approval of Details Reserved by Condition")

It is very important that all the conditions attached to a planning decision are complied with. This is known as discharging the conditions.

Failing to do so may lead to enforcement action being taken against the applicant or could even invalidate the planning permission.

How do I discharge the conditions?

You need to fill in a form to submit your request to discharge the conditions.  Application forms, information and guidance.

There is usually a fee for this process.

What if I believe someone is not complying with their conditions?

If you are concerned that conditions placed on a planning permission are or have not been complied with, please see our page on Planning Concerns.