If you would like to ask a question about a current application, or if you have a general planning enquiry, please use the links below.

  • Want to find out if you require Planning Permission?

    The General Enquiry service is unable to answer this question, please follow the links below for more information:

Why can't you just tell me if I need planning permission?

We realise that it can be frustrating when what appears to be a simple question as to whether or not you need planning permission requires you to go through the Duty Planner, Pre-application advice or to submit an application for Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed Use.

However, what appears to be a straight forward question isn't necessarily a straight forward answer for the Council to give.

  • A number of regulations have to be considered,
  • A planning history check carried out to identify any relevant planning conditions,
  • Consideration given to designations such as Conservation Areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Listed Buildings.

Because these processes take time and resources to carry out, the Council has put in place the following services to provide the information.

Duty Planner: Click here to find out about the Duty Planner Service.

If a formal response is needed about whether planning permission is required please submit a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use Application. The application form, information and details of the appropriate fee for an application for a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use can be viewed on the following links:

Whilst the Council regrets that such processes and associated charges are required, we hope that this information has helped to explain why they are required.   

Further information on how to find out if you will need Planning Permission or to seek advice


Planning Portal


If you want some general advice about doing works to a Listed Building, in the first instance, please us our Listed Building Duty Service..