Service Updates during this coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Land Charges

Personal searches and EIR data will be emailed through to prevent the need to access the council offices however turnaround times will be increased to between 5 and 10 working days (this will be kept under review). This is the same for all search types and we hope it will allow for continuation of the services whilst allowing for potential staff sickness as well as scheduled leave.

Local Land Charges

Food Hygiene and Safety

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we will not be able to carry out Food Advice or Re-score Inspections for Food Businesses.

Please check back at a later date if you need to arrange either of these visits.

Food Hygiene and Safety

Food Delivery and Takeaway Guidance

If your food business has diversified into takeaway services during the outbreak, you can find advice and information below.

Food Delivery and Takeaway Guidance

Temporary Event Notices

Please do not submit a TEN application during this time

Gatherings of more than six people, unless from the same household, are not currently permitted under Coronavirus Act 2020. It is not known for how long these restrictions will have to remain in place

If you submit a TEN for an event that is subsequently cancelled, we will not be able to refund you. It is therefore advised to wait until it is certain that an event will be able to take place before submitting your TEN.

If you would like to cancel a TEN that you have already submitted, please email to withdraw the notice. Providing you do this more than 24hrs before the date of the event, it will be then be added back to your allocated number of available days for the year.


In the current situation and adhering to government guidance, we all need to try to avoid unnecessary contact and travel. As a result, we can no longer collect stray dogs.

What to do with a stray dog

For information and advice about walking someone else's dog, please use the button below:

Walking Someone Else's Dog